English Foxhound


  • Happy
  • Laid-back
  • Business-like
  • Tireless
  • Independent

Ideal Human Companion

  • Active singles
  • Families with older children
  • Outdoorsy types

What They Are Like to Live With

English Foxhounds make wonderful live-in companions, being easygoing and laid-back, but they really shine in the great outdoors. Make sure they get plenty of time to run around and “hunt,” so to speak. They love exploring their environments and taking on jobs. If you work outside, get your English Foxhound involved in a useful task.

English Foxhounds form special bonds with their families, but they are not likely to beg for attention. They have very “businesslike” attitudes. They also happen to be patient and gentle—especially with children.

Things You Should Know

English Foxhounds can live as long as 10 years with relatively few genetic health issues. Grooming them is particularly easy—just brush and bathe them occasionally. Probably not the best choice for apartment life, the English Foxhound needs a fenced yard, fresh air and the occasional opportunity to run free in a protected area. If you’re a jogger or hiker, take the English Foxhound along for an adventurous and energetic partner.

English Foxhound History

English Foxhounds originated several centuries ago in England. Praised for their tracking ability and determination, English Foxhounds were bred to be an dependable and versatile hunting companions. Though they are still used for that purpose in England and America, English Foxhound are also considered beloved household pets.

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